Dorothy Trojanowicz

Dorothy Trojanowicz wants the world to know she ain’t no fitness model! Although she now lives in Chicago, Dorothy did not leave her homeland of Poland until she was 22 years old. She is an NPC bodybuilding competitor who transitioned to Figure and who has no problem demonstrating the value of hard earned muscle. She isn’t big with bulky muscles, but with tiny joints and ripped muscle bodies she won’t be mistaken for a tennis player any time soon.

Dorothy’s stats:
Height: 5′ 5″.
Weight: Contest – 123-125 lbs.; Off-season – 130-132 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Bust: 38″
Waist: 26″
Hips: 35″

She’s very agressive, independent, head strong. This is looking at it from a positive light – she’s also very impatient. She has tons of discipline, especially when it comes to diet and getting in the gym to exercise. She never eats out, and usually trains 6 days a week. This helps her avoid something she truly hates – cardio.

She’s hot – is she single?

Dorothy is married. She says the biggest contributor to her success in achieving her physique goals (other than her determination) was her move to America, where she has so many more opportunities with regards to training, nutrition, and support.

Some people think Dorothy looks like a buff version of Pamela Anderson. Back in the day, I loved Pam and was totally infatuated with her. But seriously, did she ever have abs like that??