Lingerie Football

A profile of Romi Bean an NFL Cheerleader is about as close as we’ve come before to the sport of football. Until today that is. You can always count on FBB to mix it up a little. Just when you thought we were stuck on gym gals! It may be July, but football season is in full swing for some people. Lingerie Football players are the athletes we need!

I know it may sound a little hokey, but one look at these pictures will tell you
a) these girls are athletic (some of them look like they could squish my like a little caterpillar)
b) they are tough enough to throw, catch, block, and tackle
c) they are serious about what they do

Okay, I admit, one of the gals looks like she is seriously worried about breaking a nail. But hey, if you’re an NFL lineman, you don’t make a living off of how you look now do you? I think there is an actual LFL (Lingerie Football League) where the ladies’ teams are 7 on 7 and actually tackle. They usually wear pads but uh sort of skimpy attire if you can picture that. 2010 should bring new expansion teams to the Orlando and Baltimore area. I think I’ll take my camera and press pass and get you guys and exclusive!