Amber Ryan Lingerie Football League

Okay now, I’m sensitive to the fact we just posted about the Lingerie Football League for the first time in our whole history of 6 years. And now, BAM, we’re rooting around in the LFL again. But I ran across Amber Ryan and I couldn’t resit profiling her. She just *happens* to be in the LFL. Trust me, just a coincidence.

Amber is 23 years old and graduated from college with a degree in psychology and physical fitness. This lady knows how to keep both the mind and the body fit! She was on the Dallas Cowboy’s Desire team this season, so of course she lives in Dallas Texas. Their team practiced four times a week for 3 hours per day! She was sort of a tomboy growing up, playing football, baseball, and basketball.

The LFL was pretty rough and tumble (it’s 7 on 7 and full contact), but Amber was still a little disappointed that they only played four games this season.