Lindsay Kaye

Lindsay Kaye is a 28 year old fitness model from Raleigh North Carolina. She stands 5’6″ tall, weighs about 135 lbs, and measures 36D-25-36. Dark hair and dark eyes tie in with her complexion to give her a very sultry and exiting look. Lindsay has a Japanese and German heritage, so this adds to the mystique. She is a personal trainer and has a degree in nutrition.

Lindsay spent some time in the Air Force. She is known to pack a little heat (in the form of a firearm) and as you can see more than a little muscle.

She likes to stay in shape year round, and lately has fallen away from heavy lifting to try and get more of a fitness look.

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lindsay kaye Piclindsay kaye Piclindsay kaye Pic
lindsay kaye Pic

Lindsay’s website doesn’t seem to be working at the moment, but she seems to be active on social media. Her instagram account is
Her facebook account is

She says that Ava Cowan is one of her favorite fitness models of all time.

She says when she was younger, she started working out with her brother. They both found it difficult to add muscle to their frames because they were both ectomorphs, with high metabolisms. Apparently this led Lindsay to obtain a degree in nutrition and become a certified personal trainer. Clearly she has overcome her initial problems with her training and diet.

Update – you guys can quit writing me about seeing Lindsay Kaye naked! lol