Asian Fitness Models

Asian fitness models seem to be a rather hot topic in the industry these days. Although we were “smart” enough to devote our own category awhile back, we really haven’t discussed what’s going on with this trend. Well it’s time to tackle the topic.

There are a couple of reasons why publishers would specify Asian models for a production. Some efforts simply require a specific ethnicity. So if you are producing a commercial for a toothpaste branded in Spanish and offered mainly only to markets in Mexico, you would most likely hire a Hispanic model. Same thing for Asian-market items.

In other cases, the publisher is simply catering to the public’s desires. More specifically, there are often niches where a subset of people are interested in topics that are not quite mainstream. If the average viewer of a billboard advertisement prefers to see African American males in an ad related to leather chairs (this is just a hypothetical case), there are all the other non-average viewers to consider as well.

In the case of Asian fitness models, we have pushed through several layers of individual preference to arrive at a niche that is still fairly broad. To get even narrower, we could differentiate amongst these Asian fitness models by age, height, attire, etc. I’m sure there’s a niche of people out there who are just crazy about fitness models who are Asian, tall, and wear spike high heels. You get the idea.

To some extent, the import car scene has either increased the demand for Asian models, or at least shed some more light on the large number of people (both men and women) who like to see hot Asian girls. Import models are the gals you seen on the cover of tuner magazines, helping at display booths at some of the import car shows, and even holding down major spots in popular films these days.

It only stands to reason that the scarcity of Asians in the IFBB and various figure and fitness competitions really highlights those few who are out on stage and/or posing for the camera outside of the competitions. Basically, if you’re Asian, you stick out like a sore (but beautiful) thumb. Like the basic laws of economics, we have inflated demand and a very natural limited supply. BAM! We have a hot commodity. This helps to explain why practically every Asian fitness model out there is staying booked for shoots and very active.

It’s hard to say whether this market condition will continue or will abate somewhat.