Jen Cook

All the fitness ladies we profile here on FitBabesBlog are noteworthy in their own regard. Some have incredible stories where they’ve overcome adversity and sculpted their physique against the odds. Some are amazingly athletic, and have a history of talent and passion that demonstrates their commitment to whichever sport they choose to pursue. And some, honestly, are just hot. We profile girls for all kinds of reasons, and we ain’t ashamed to admit sometimes we’re shallow. If you’re hot, and fit, ya got a chance of attracting our attention kid.

So that’s a good place to start with Jen Cook – some serious, A+ level hotness. Female fitness models aspire to different body types. Most want to be sort of lean and not too muscular, while some get a bit bulkier trending more toward the bodybuilder side of things. Girls like Jen Cook and Jamie Eason seem to define the norm. They are what so many fitness models out there seem to be striving for.

Jen is from Texas. She is only 5’2″ and about 115 lbs, but even though she isn’t big she gets big attention. That’s what happens when blond ladies with perfect bodies strut around. Jen is an IFBB pro, has done some acting, and tons of calendar shoots, fitness, swimwear, fashion, glamour, you name it. If you’ve never heard of her before, but she looks familiar, it may be because either a) you’ve seen her in print somewhere, or b) you’ve seen her in your dreams. Wow, this girl is a 10. If all fitness models looked like Jen, there would be a lot more marriage proposals I can tell you that!