Soleivi Hernandez

Soleivi Hernandez is a 30 year old NPC Figure competitor from El Salvador. She grew up in Texas, where she was always active in sports. She played softball and soccer in college, and started lifting weights when she was 22. She first competed at the 2006 NPC John Sherman Classic where she placed 2nd. She placed 1st in the 2007 NPC New York Metropolitan Figure Championship, and a disappointing 16th at the Team USA Figure Nationals that same year.

Soleivi is about 5’2″ tall and competes at a bout 115 lbs. Trust me, I’ve looked very carefully, and she has not a single bad bodypart. However, I am compelled to tag her with amazing abs because wow they blow my mind. We usually reserve that special tag for gals that are ripped and vascular, but Soleivi manages this without any drama or extremism at all. Dee-lish!