Stefanie Bambrough

Stefanie Bambrough is a 24 year old fitness model and figure competitor from Florida. She studied exercise science at Florida State University and loved fitness and nutrition. She ended up becoming a personal trainer and then finally couldn’t resist going the competition route. She has a background in theater and dance, so she has always liked to perform. Stefanie has also done some adult stuff, we’ll skip over that here on FBB!

A few results:
Team Universe 2009 (2nd place)
North Americans 2009 (1st place)
Junior Naitonals 2009 (2nd place)
Southern States 2009 (1st place)

stefanie bambrough Picstefanie bambrough Picstefanie bambrough Pic
stefanie bambrough Picstefanie bambrough Picstefanie bambrough Pic

Stefanie hasn’t blown up the social media scene the way some of the other fitness babes have. Her instagram account shows she has around 17k followers as of October 2017. She owns/runs BamBody Nutrition, and on their website she acknowledges she has a BS degree in nutrition.

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A few Stefanie updates. Some additional contest history
2016 IFBB Prestige Crystal Cup Bikini 16th place
2016 IFBB Florida Grand Prix Bikini 10th place
2015 IFBB Miami Muscle Beach Pro 16th place
2014 IFBB Europa Show of Champions—Orlando 9th place
2012 IFBB PBW Championships – Tampa Pro 12th place

An interview with Stefanie from a few years ago…

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I think my vibrant, outgoing, carefree personality is what makes me special. You never know what tomorrow will bring, and sweating the little things just isn’t worth it.

2) How about your family, friends and surroundings?

I have a great family and group of friends.

3) How did you get started competing in fitness?

I had always wanted to compete and was always into fitness. One day I just sat down, picked a show and said “ok let’s do this one.”

4) What is your personal policy (not what the judges want) about conditioning and muscularity when coming into a show? Soft or hard?

I like it hard. 🙂

5) What is your idea of what judges want in a Fitness competitor? Do you think judges are clear enough with competitors about how they want you on stage? It seems in Europe they are very clear unlike in the USA and now in Canada things are confusing.

I think the judges allow the fitness competitor to be a little harder than figure, but still want the definite line between fitness and body building. I think it really is about the overall package you present…. symmetry, conditioning, and a fun energetic routine is what the judges are looking for.

6) For the next shows what do you think you need to work on physique-wise/conditioning-wise? If anything!

While I’ve made some dramatic improvement, I’m still trying to build my lats and bring my waist in.

7) What is your typical training routine in the gym (per day, include sets and reps!) How much cardio do you do before a show?

mon: width and hamstrings
Lat pulldowns 3 sets 12-15
wide grip pull ups 3 sets 10-12
wide rows 3 sets 12-15
dead lifts 3 sets 10-12
lying ham curls 3 sets 12-15
standing ham curls 3 sets 12-15
tues: legs
alternating quad extensions 3 sets of 1 min
step ups with 15lbs dumbbells 3 sets 15
glute press 3 sets 15
lunges 3 sets 15
one leg leg press 4 sets 15
reverse squats 4 sets of 15
wed: shoulders
shoulder press 4 sets 12
lateral raises 3 sets for 1 min
front raises 4 sets 12
arnold press 4 sets 12
thurs: back
pull ups 3 sets 15
low rows 3 sets 15
dumbbell rows 3 sets 15
t bar rows 3 sets 15
tire flipping 2 sets down and back
tire pulling 2 sets
fri: biceps and triceps
triceps pushdowns 3 sets 15
triceps pulldowns 3 sets 15
dips 3 sets 10
seated dips 3 sets 10
barbell curls 3 sets 15
dumbbell curls 3 sets weight walk down
I usually do 1.5hrs of cardio leading up to a show

8) What is your pre-contest diet? (per day, 1 week before the show)

it really depends where my body is at so it’s always different. usually I’ll have 2 days carb depleting and the other 5 with my first two meals with 1/2c oatmeal and 5oz chicken or fish and the last 4 with 5oz protein and greens. I start carb loading 3 days before a contest. Every meal is 5oz chicken 3oz sweet potato.

9) How do you go about dropping your water before the day of the show? How much water do you drink the day of the show. Please be specific.

I cut my water the week of the show and switch my greens to only asparagus. usually mon will be 99 oz tuesday 66oz wed 66oz thurs 33oz and 10oz before noon on friday and then no more til after show time

10) What motivates you to train/diet and compete? Are there any competitors you looked up to?

I love being on stage… i train for my own self improvement. Competing has made me stronger both physically and mentally and has changed my whole attitude about life and myself. I remember at the Orlando Europa 2009 when I saw Myriam Cape perform I was so impressed and in awe of her strength and performance

11) Please tell us an interesting experience you had at a show recently, be it a fun thing or something rather not so fun?

that would be National this year in miami….. I wasn t competing but still a probably my most memorable show. I got to oil up all the men before they went on stage and also met my hot sexy boyfriend

12) What is your personal opinion about the figure, fitness, bodybuilding industry we are in? Anything you would like to see changed?

I think it’s a great industry to be in… the industry is what it is. Of course I would like to see some things different but there’s no use complaining, it’s better to just enjoy it.

13) What has been your hardest challenge to overcome either in your personal life or competing career?

My father passing away was very difficult for me… but fortunately I have a lot of good friends that helped me through the hard time.

14) Did you make any changes to your contest prep for your last show? Water intake, carbing up, etc…

I carb depleted for 20 days straight… never done that before. I was so tired and drained, but damn i looked good

15) Can you tell us about an instance were an injury did not stop you from performing or practice for your routine? How did you overcome it?

Right before Team Universe I fractured a bone in my foot… my whole right foot turned black, couldn t even walk. Didn t stop me from performing though… I hopped on the plane the next day and got my Pro card 🙂

16) Do you see fitness dying or you think there will be huge comeback?

I think more and more competitors are becoming interested. A lot want to, but are just scared. The most important thing to realize is that it’s fun…. plain and simple.

18) Do you have an athletic background? Gymnastics, soccer, volleyball or what?

oh boy do I… i did cheerleading, dance, track, softball, basketball, gymnastics

19) What is a typical day in the life of Stefanie Bambrough? From waking up to until going to bed?

I get up, drink some coffee, take out the little devil (my teacup maltese) and then do 45 min of cardio. after that i cook my meals for the day, meet my workout partner to train, then head to work. After work i get home, play with my dog, watch The Real Housewives and go to sleep. Oh yeah, and at some point in there i shower lol

20) What is your current occupation? Please tell us more about it, what do you specifically do in your job?

I am the Sales Manager for Grid Iron Total Fitness and Sales Representative for Traq 3D (a new virtual fitness concept in personal training) I create memberships and training programs for every person designed to benefit them directly. I also introduce facilities to the newest, most innovative concept in fitness, virtual fitness. Traq 3D is an intense measure of a person strength, speed and agility. Excellent in improving athletic performance and the physical activity for the average person.

And here’s a video of Stefanie: