Nikki Warner Fitness Diva

We’ve profiled Nikki Warner before, but it’s time to get some fresh updates on her! She is a bodybuilder, NPC National Figure competitor, and fitness model. You can definitely consider her well-educated: Nikki has 3 college degrees. She has a PhD in Pharmacy, a BS in Dietetics, and a BA in pharmacy. She started out as a highly-ranked cross country runner. Her older brother is a professional bodybuilder. She credits her brother for getting her into the weightroom, and her father for instilling in her the discipline to be an athlete.

Nikki’s Figure competitions are numerous:
March 2002 NPC Hoosier Muscle Classic-Natl. Qualifier (1st)
April 2002 NPC Jr. USA (3rd)
June 2002 NPC Indianapolis show-Natl. Qualifier (1st and overall)
July 2002 NPC Midwestern-Natl. Qualifier (2nd)
August 2002: NPC Team Universe Figure Nationals (Pro Qualifier)
June 2003: NPC NPC Indiana Championships (1st and overall)
July 2003: NPC Collegiate natl. overall figure champ
July 2003: NPC Team Universe Figure Nationals
July 2004: NPC Monica Brant Body Rock (3rd)
July 2005: NPC USA Championships (6th)
2007 Arnold Classic – 4th
2007 Overall Winner – Natural Event Pro Qualifier
2007 National USA Championships – 10th
2011 North Americans Pro Qualifier Ms. Physique 6th

Nikki is a fairly controversial fitness model. She has been known to pose topless or nude on her website, and she has quite a following in the fitness babe niche. She has really put on a lot of muscle since her skinny x-country running days, so it’s readily apparent she has a quite a dedication to nutrition and her training program.

Nikki Warner_Nikki Warner_Nikki Warner
Nikki Warner_Nikki Warner