Rachel Watson

Rachel Watson is a former NFL Cheerleader. She cheered for several years for the Buccaneers, and was so popular she was basically the spokesperson for the entire squad. Once she finished her degree in teaching, she left the team and basically dropped into (relative) obscurity as a 3rd grade school teacher. She sort of “came back” by hosting a video program about the behind-the-scenes action of the Bucs cheerleader tryouts. Fans rejoiced, then boom, back into obscurity.

In general, pro cheerleaders don’t make a lot of money, so volunteering their time tends to be a short-term or temporary gig. Whichever sport they cheer for, the pro cheerleaders run the entire gamut from being very experienced (think cheering for two decades), to walk-on’s who have more of a dance background than cheerleading.

Rachel’s moves and her body make it clear she’s spent a good portion of her life doing active, sporty stuff, so here’s our salute to her.