Vlatka Dragic

Not unlike Kelly Rennie, Vlatka Dragic started out her athletic endeavors when she took an interest in gymnastics. You tend to get pretty good at something if you spend 20 hours a week for nine years practicing it, which is exactly what Vlatka did.

Although she grew up in Croatia, as a teenager she moved to Australia, where she still lives today. She says she was inspired into the fitness modeling and competition world by the likes of Jamie Eason. Her first competition was the Natural Olympia Bikini Diva Competition in 2009. She is frequently seen at many of the competitions acting as a presenter of trophies and awards. Vlatka has a degree in Business and Marketing, as well as Human Resources.

She has a very exotic, natural beauty, and is blessed with tiny joints and great muscle bellies. Her face is one that many women dream of, so it’s not surprising that she has so much luck landing shoots and various modeling gigs. She is 24 years old.