Tanya Hyde

Tanya Hyde is a lot of things. By that, I mean it’s hard to describe her and tell you who she is and what she does succinctly. As you can see, she is a female bodybuilder and a fitness competitor. She also does quite a bit of fitness modeling, and she happens to be a professional chef. She always enjoyed cooking, so she went to the Culinary Institute of America in New York to obtain an official degree.

Tanya says the hardest part about competing for her is always the diet. She has such a love/hate relationship with food – she’s around it all the time, she is passionate about cooking, but then she has to be so strict and disciplined about what she eats because of her fitness aspirations.

Tanya lives in California now, but was born and raised in Australia. She has that astounding and sexy Australian accent to go with her gorgeous blonde looks. Somehow she has managed to add an amazing amount of muscle on her frame and still say extremely feminine and sexy. She has a great smile and easy demeanor. Her legs are astounding.

She works as a restaurant manager now, and intends to continue modeling and competing far into the future.