Catherine Holland Videos

Okay, well it has taken us long enough… sorry for the delay. Better later than never, right? Here are four brief videos of goddess Catherine Holland.

In this video clip, Catherine Holland is topless and has a red scarf hiding her chest. She turns this way and that, posing in front of a mirror. She flips her hair around, in the process showing off those muscular arms and well-defined shoulders. Catherine is known for doing risque stuff on her website, so you can imagine what this full-length video looks like!

In this clip, we see Catherine in a silver metallic bikini with little dangling bangles all over it. This is more like a posing outfit than a swimsuit. She squats down and shifts her hips around, looking for all the world like a very fit, muscular belly dancer.

Another short but tantalizing clip where we see Catherine posing ankle deep in a lake somewhere. She is in an outrageously skimpy green sling bikini. This thing leaves very little to the imagination. Despite the brevity of the file, you know exactly what you are going to get once you see the whole thing on her website. Her body is just delicious.

Imagine if you will Catherine Holland in a garter belt, with thigh-high stockings and a g-string so tiny it’s like a piece of dental floss. Okay, now click this file – presto your dreams just became reality. It’s not unusual for Catherine to parade around on her website with hardly anything on, after all men and women everywhere are astonished by the incredible body she has spent years building. This video is shot from behind, so even though Catherine is in a black gown, we get the full effect of that curvy derriere!