Heather Dees

Heather Dees recently won 4th place in the Europa Super Show. She was born in 1983 and lives in Salt Lake City UT.

Heather was athletic and active as a kid, but nothing out of the ordinary. None of the sports she tried really struck a cord until she found figure competitions. She met a trainer when she was 24 who helped her turn into the fine physical specimen she is today. She was so appreciative, she ended up marrying him! You may recognize his name – Justin Dees. He is a competitive bodybuilder.

Heather says she loves lifting heavy weights, and her favorite part about competing is when she is shaping up for the countdown and she’s able to watch her body lean up and transform. She is known for having some thick, powerful looking arms, but her body is well balanced and very feminine. Obviously, she doesn’t cheat very often, but when she days, she say she loves dark chocolate. She does quite a bit of fitness modeling, which keeps her busy and also requires her to stay in good shape.

She is 5’5″ tall, and weighs about 133 lbs. Her measurements are 32D-25-34.

Some of Heather’s competition results:
March 2008: NPC Utah Classic: Overall Winner
November 2008: NPC Nationals Atlanta: 10th place Class D
July 2009: NPC USA’s Vegas: 10th Place Class D
March 2010: NPC Utah Classic: Overall Winner
May 2010: NPC California State Championships: Overall Winner
June 2010: NPC Junior Nationals Chicago: 6th Place Class D
July 2010: NPC USA’s Vegas: 5th Place Class D
October 2010: NPC Nationals Atlanta: 1st Place Class D
May 2011: IFBB Pittsburgh Pro: 2nd Place