Erica Cruikshank

Hailing from Maryland, Eric Cruikshank grew up around DC and is a popular fitness model in the northeast. She learned how to walk on her hands when she was four years old, and quite a bit of gymnastics training ensued. She was very competitive until she hurt her knee. At that point, she relegated herself to cheerleading all through high school. Like a lot of the gals we see here on FBB, Erica was always athletic, and fitness seems to come easily for her.

Although she mixes it up, she tends to train one body part per day, eat plenty of protein, and keep cheating to a minimum. She says she loves M&M’s! Unlike lots of figure competitors, Erica gets all her protein from food, she does not supplement. Her favorite fitness stars: Ava Cowan, Tanji Johnson, and Nicole Wilkins.

Her stats – 5’4″ tall, 115 lbs, 34A-24-31. She has one of the best backs in the female fitness industry. I’m not sure I’m entirely up to date, but I believe Erica has competed in the Team Universe, Maryland State NPC show, and a few others. Erica is a dedicated mother and wife, and has owned her own business. She has shown fierce allegiance to the fitness lifestyle her whole life, and her body clearly shows it.