Samantha Kelly Reloaded

We took a look at Samantha Kelly back in 2008, so clearly it’s time to revisit the subject! Samantha is an easy girl to profile, since she’s always out there promoting herself, contributing new photos and videos, and staying in great shape. She is 31 years old, and currently lives in Los Angeles California.

She’s been in more than a few magazines and books, including:
Seduction Coffee table book
Planet Muscle Magazine
American Curves Magazine
Muscular Development Magazine
Spanish MuscleMag
Tapout Magazine
Reps Magazine
Bodyfitness UK
Mainstream Magazine
Hype Magazine
2009 Hardfitness calendar
Hardfitness cover model
2008 cover model spring/summer catalog Bmswimwear
Fiu Fiu swimwear cover model
V’Blazin Magazine
Tearsheet Magazine
Cover of Las Vegas Fitness
Cover of Model Up

She is very much an entrepreneur, and grew up being told that successful people start their own business and make their own way in life. Samantha is also a very artsy person. She loves all kinds of music, but classical is her favorite. She loves art, dance, sculpture.

Samantha Kelly PicSamantha Kelly PicSamantha Kelly PicSamantha Kelly PicSamantha Kelly PicSamantha Kelly PicSamantha Kelly Pic

Samantha always seems to be out doing the fitness model thing. It’s not just in magazines, she has her own WEBSITE, which is a great place to learn a little bit more about her if you’re interested.