Amber Day

When Amber Day flashes those pearly whites, you realize she has not only spent some time sculpting her body, she also spends some time on those teeth. After all, Amber graduated from college with a degree in dental hygiene. Amber is 27, and she is very much a very mainstream fitness model. She is a mother, works as a personal trainer, she competes at the national level in bikini, and she does some writing.

Amber is 5’5″ tall and weighs about 116 lbs. There for a year or two, she was the cover model and spokesmodel for Hard Rock Cafe. She says she stays so busy, that it’s hard to balance time between fitness, competing, being a mom, and actually earning an income. Her favorite fitness athletes are Jamie Eason and Monica Brant. She likes the old school gals apparently.

Amber’s consistency has allowed her to make significant progress since 2009 when she entered her first show. She trained before that, so she had a good foundation. Her good business sense, levelheadedness, and personality have allowed her to progress in the fitness modeling world. She has a tough time turning down opportunities to go to family BBQ’s, eating birthday cake with the kids, etc in order to stay lean 365 days a year for the frequent photo shoots.