Amy Schmid

Amy Schmid is a bodybuilder who is really pretty big and muscular, but somehow manages to blend that in with a physique that is very symmetrical and proportionate. Amy’s history is very interesting. She was active growing up, playing all kind of sports and not being one to sit on the couch watching TV or playing video games. But when she was 18, she developed an odd disease that left her paralyzed for some period of time. To help with her recovery, she started lifting weights, and learned all about bodybuilding and nutrition. It was only one year after she first started lifting weights that she entered her first bodybuilding contest. To say that she fell in love with the iron lifestyle is an understatement. To a certain extent, it seems like Amy set out with something to prove. She wanted to show the medical community that she could fully recover from her illness, and not just survive but flourish.

Amy is 5’6″ tall, and has historically competed at around 140 lbs. In the off-season, she frequently bulks up to 170 lbs. She has been a personal trailer for years now, and appeared on an MTV reality show back in 2010 with one of her clients. I don’t really see any competition results from Amy since 2006 or so. I suspect she has left the world of competitive women’s bodybuilding and is concentrating on training clients.
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