Peta Alana

Peta Alana is a smoking hot fitness model based in the UK. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and and a curvy 34F-24-34 figure on a 5’6″ frame definitely tend to get her noticed. Peta knows exactly how to promote herself, and we were lucky enough to score an interview with her…

How is your career going right now?
I am in a good place with work at the minute, i am so grateful to everything that has come my way so far, i hope it continues. I have been featured in the UK, USA and other worldwide publications.

Do you do a lot of traveling?
I love to travel especially for work, it is a great way to network and visit different countries. Most of my recent work has been here in the UK but if an opportunity arose to travel and shoot, I’d be there!

It seems like it would be easy for a beauty like you to break into the modeling scene. Do you think your looks tend to open doors for you, and make life easier in some ways?
Thank you, i don’t think it’s all about looks though, you could have the prettiest girl but she could lack confidence and that shows in a photo. I think my looks have helped a little bit obviously if I meet the desired criteria.

Were you active and/or athletic growing up? Play any sports?
I was never really that sporty growing up, i’d be one of those girls who would try to get out of doing sports at school at any given chance! However, now is a different story, i’m still not sporty as in playing netball, swimming etc but i am in the gym constantly, working out in some shape or form!

You mentioned you used to be a fitness instructor. Tell us about that. How did you get into that?
I went into after i left school, it was my chosen career path, i did work in a gym and did some modelling part time on the side and then more modelling work started coming in and it kind of took over! I’m glad i have some fitness background knowledge tho as it really has helped.

What do you think is the most challenging part about fitness modeling?
I find training the easier part! It’s the dieting which is hard! It would get 10x harder if i was competing, at least at the moment, i can have a cheat meal or a couple of slip ups in my diet and it doesn’t do too much damage!I really admire the women who compete, i have a long way to go to get to having that much dedication and willpower!

You look like you stay in great shape. Is that easy for you? Are you strict with your diet and exercise?
Thank you 🙂 it is a working progress! It has always been a top priority of mine to stay in shape. I feel crap in myself if i don’t train, even having 2 days off the gym and i miss it! luv how you feel after a workout. I used to just goto the gym, spend hours doing cardio and light weights and wasn’t that serious or strict with what i ate, after reading up on diet and nutrition, i knew i had to review my eating, my diet has changed from 3 main meals a day to 6 small meals every 2-3 hours. I would say i am strict with it and although it is good for me to have a cheat meal or something i crave occasionally, i do beat myself up over it as i feel guilty!

Is there somebody in the fitness industry you really admire or look up to?
I owe so much to my personal trainer Natasha, she has had a huge impact on me not only with training but with my confidence and self esteem. I have alot of time for her. As for athletes, i admire Jennifer Nicole Lee and Jamie Eason

Have you ever competed in a fitness/figure/bikini contest? Any interest along those lines?
It has only been the last year where my training has changed so much that i noticed such a difference in my body and people kept saying you should go into fitness modelling, so this is still very new to me but a bikini contest or something similar could definatley be on the cards

What is a typical day for you?
A typical day for me is wake up at 8am, i do 20-30 minutes of cardio before i eat, in this time, i check emails, work offers etc have breakfast and head to the gym for personal training or circuit for an hour then home to eat again, i will usually have a shoot booked for the afternoon so head over to wherever i am required and back home and in bed by 11pm ish. Repeat 6 days! On a Sunday, my day off, i will usually do all the boring household chores, food shopping, catch up with friends and family and chill!

What do you hope to achieve this year?
This year, i hope to continue appearing in lots of magazines and features and to further a career in fitness modelling.

Any pets?
1 gorgeous staff, Millie! She is my baby girl

Single, attached?
Unattached unfortunately at the moment 🙁

Thank you so much Peta, for taking the time to answer our questions. Good luck in the coming months with your career!

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