Divini Rae

Divini Rae is a fitness guru, mom, and former Playboy model. She was kind enough to write up a bio to post here on FitBabesBlog:

Beginning with her childhood in rural Alaska, fitness model Divini Rae has always maintained an active lifestyle. Tasks such as fishing for her parents’ business, hauling firewood, and caring for sled dogs kept her constantly moving as a child. Along with maintaining physical fitness through activity, Divini enriched her mind by constantly reading, a past time she enjoys to this day.

While on vacation in Sydney, Australia, Divini caught the eye of a photographer. This chance encounter was the beginning of her modeling career, which would include working with major companies such as Budweiser and Playboy Enterprises. In November 2003 she was published as Miss November Playboy Playmate. After many years traveling the world as a model, Divini Rae moved behind the lens, preferring the intellectual challenges and stimulation offered by behind-the-scenes roles such as writer, photographer, and makeup artist.

While pregnant with her daughter, Mia, Divini gained nearly 85 pounds. Driven by a desire to be a happy and healthy mother, she lost the weight through dedication and hard work. Ms. Rae recognized her potential to inspire others to reach a healthy weight, and is currently working towards the launch of her fitness website, DiviniFit.com, to help spread her message.

Family is extremely important to Divini, and she achieves a balance between her fitness pursuits and parenting by involving her daughter in many activities. Mother and daughter often go for walks, run around local parks, or play “chase” indoors when the weather is not ideal for outdoor time. Divini also enjoys dancing, Power Yoga, and martial arts.

Divini’s says her favorite role model is Chady Dunmore, and under Chady’s tutelage and coaching Ms. Rae plans to compete in her very first WBFF physique competition in Oklahoma City on November 10, 2012. For more about Divini Rae visit her fan site: DiviniRae.com. You can follow her on twitter @DiviniFit.

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