April Venture

April Venture started working out after the birth of child number one. She had always been a fan of bodybuilders, and it tickled her fancy to get compliments on the way she looked from fitness competitors and bodybuilders. It wasn’t long before kid number two came around, and it was common sense that April would go back to training and get right into shape.

April is 5’1″ tall, about 115 lbs, and in her late 20’s. She is a southern gal from North Carolina. She started competing in NPC figure contests, and aspires to move on to the lightweight women’s bodybuilding. I haven’t seen anything recent from her. I know she was active in 2009 and 2010, but either she has been sitting out the competitions or I have just been missing her since then.

April is well-known for her abs. Any lady that has abs so ripped they are vascular is going to go right to the top of the list when it comes to women’s fitness. She has a naturally small frame, but she has been able to add muscle to it consistently over the years. April has been lucky to hook up with some of the better-known fitness photographers over the years, and this has helped her popularity. If you’ve seen her at competition lately, give us a yell.

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