Christina Thomas

We started out attempting to post a profile for fitness model Christina Thomas. Christina hasn’t been active in awhile, it was tough to find recent info on her, either regarding modeling or competing. But in searching, we came across photos that look like Christina, but show a drastic increase in muscularity.

As you look at the attached pics, you will see in some cases a beautiful young lady who is fit, muscular, and looks like a fitness competitor. But in other images, you will see a body type more aligned with bodybuilding – much more developed and muscular. Are they the same person? It’s hard to be sure.

The Christina we meant to profile lives in North Carolina. She says she started lifting weights not to lose weight, as many women do, but because she felt like she was too skinny. She has always been athletic and active, but most of her activities were more along the lines of endurance prior to being introduced to weight lifting. She’s no gym rat, by that I mean she’s tried it all. Gymnastics, swimming, soccer, running, even dance.

If you know more about Christina, please use the contact button and let us know if we have it right or wrong. Christina, if you’re out there and listening, feel free to give us a shout!

christina thomas Picchristina thomas Picchristina thomas Pic
christina thomas Picchristina thomas Picchristina thomas Pic