Can’t Go Wrong With Jennifer Nicole Lee

First of all, we apologize for the extended absence. We were having server problems, which took awhile to resolve. Once that was fixed, turns out we managed to break the website. Well, not exactly break it, but many of the photo links are broken in hundreds of posts. That’s a real bummer for an audience who *really* comes here for the articles (ahem), but who enjoy looking at the pics too. Over the next little while, we’ll try to get those links fixed, and get everything back up and running full tilt.

Until then, we figure we can’t go wrong by wooing our readers with a little bit of Jennifer Nicole Lee. As much as we post about her, and as much as we talk about her, you would think we would dedicate a whole section of our website to her, ala Catherine Holland. Actually, that’s not a bad idea. But sheesh, we got a lot to do here, cut us some slack!

jennifer nicole lee picjennifer nicole lee picjennifer nicole lee pic