Dianna Dahlgren Revisited

Dianna Dahlgren grew up as the youngest of four kids in a sleepy town in California. She always had tons of energy, and she and her family were very active. Not a lot of sitting around, watching television and playing video games for this crew. They messed around in the desert, did motorsports like sand cars and dirt bikes, went snow skiing in the mountains. She modeled from the time she was 13 years old. Dianna has always loved being in the spotlight, and being in front of fans or the camera.

The fitness portion of her lifestyle really just evolved from being so active when she was young. When she was 19, she decided to try a physique competition. She dieted pretty hard, did tons of cardio work to get ripped, and started doing magazine covers not long afterwards. She has been a supermotocross girl for the last few years. She travels all over the country. You would think that would really disrupt her training and diet schedule, but her results speak for themselves.

With as many distractions as Dianna seems to have in her life, you have to wonder how phenomenal she would be if she really focused on fitness and fitness modeling. To look that great and win that many top 5 placings, she clearly has a big part of the formula down pat already. If you look at Dianna on stage during bikini competitions, you’ll see that really she has the total package. It’s not just the body, it’s the stunning face, the perfect hair, the flawless skin, even the way she moves and poses.

Dianna Dahlgren PicDianna Dahlgren PicDianna Dahlgren PicDianna Dahlgren Pic