Alice Matos

Alice Matos is from Southern Brazil, where they absolutely never mess around with their fitness objectives. She says she has always looked up to Larissa Reis, another Brazilian fitness babe. Alice got hooked on competing in fitness after stepping on stage for the first time and feeling that magical thrill. She has great abs, and seems to struggle with her quads a bit. She does travel on occasion, and has competed at the Arnold Classic Bikini contest in Columbus Ohio.

You can always tell when a model is comfortable with her body. Alice stays in shape year-round and it seems to show in every single one of her photo shoots. The life of a fitness model is challenging, since you have to stay lean and be ready to shoot at the drop of a hat. Alice has obviously worked with her fair share of talented photographers, who have done a great job of capturing her incredible beauty and alluringly muscular physique.

With her looks and magnetic personality, one would think it would be easy for Ms. Matos to strike a television deal. We’ll keep our eye on her to see if she makes it “big” within the next few years – either in the US or in her native country of Brazil.

Alice Matos picAlice Matos picAlice Matos picAlice Matos picAlice Matos pic