Tawna Eubanks

After a brief mention during our recap of the Sacramento Pro, we knew we should give Tawna Eubanks her own post and a more thorough profile. She did, after all, win second place.

Tawna is 5’7″ tall and weighs 120 lbs. Her measurements are 34C-26-34. She does quite a bit of modeling. She has been on the cover of several catalogues, did the cover of Physique magazine, and has even been in Flex and Muscular Development. It’s been interesting watching Tawna transition from fit, to athletic, to muscular. As an IFBB Bikini Pro competitor, she can (and has to) carry quite a bit of muscle on the stage. She does well in the off-season through, camouflaging that with a more mainstream look.

Tawna danced for a number of years, but hung up her dancing shoes in favor of bikini competitions. With her incredible looks and great stage presence, it wasn’t long before she was noticed by a trainer, and she began the long hard road toward her Pro card. She lives in Texas, and has always been a Southern girl. She says she loves any kind of sweet treats, and thankfully she has a fast metabolism. Like practically any pro, she does a lot of cardio, but she says she is naturally skinny and it’s hard for her to hold on to muscle. She loves training shoulders and glutes the most.

Tawna Eubanks picTawna Eubanks picTawna Eubanks picTawna Eubanks picTawna Eubanks picTawna Eubanks pic