Fit Instagram Gals Update

If I were smart, I would build the table I’m using to update Instagram girls in html instead of excel, and provide you guys with some clickable links so you can easily check out your favorites. This instead of the gimpy jpg I’m providing below 🙂

Anyway, Jen Selter is still leading the pack with an incredible 11.4M followers as of today. Although she’s in second, Ana Cheri seems to be coming on strong. She has 10.3M followers, up substantially since the last time I looked. That makes me think within another month or two, Ana will pass Jen in popularity.

I can see why. Ana has been posting some racy photos lately. I updated her page with a few examples of what I’m talking about.

But… I need to add a few!

Michelle Lewin = 12.3M followers
Svetlana Bilyalova = 5.4M followers
Paige Hathaway = 1.4M followers
Alice Matos = 1.6M followers
Tana Cogan = 1.5M followers
Jen Heward = 810k followers
Dani Reardon = 135k followers
Jenna Renee Webb = 106k followers