New England Patriots Cheerleaders

Apparently, we were so sure the New England Patriots were going to win the Super Bowl, that we put together a montage of their famous cheerleaders. Ha-ha, the joke is on us. But in thinking about it, we have decided most of you really don’t necessarily care who the cheerleaders play for, you’re just ready to see some cute gals with pom-pom’s showing us what an active life can do for a body.

It’s important to note than some industry insiders consider the Patriots to have the best cheerleading squad in the NFL. They have been to Afghanistan, Kyrgzstan, and Qatar to involve themselves in humanitarian assistance projects and perform for troops to increase moral. I doubt there are few things a weary troop would rather see than a bouncy, smiling cheerleader. Probably a very effective morale booster, even if it’s also a significant distraction.

There are a couple of gals who are Olympians or who are well-connected with local/regional businesses. So it’s not just how hot, fit, and coordinated they are, it’s also about how they get a positive message out to the community, and promote their beloved team.

We profiled the Carolina Panthers cheerleaders a few weeks ago, and the response has been very positive. We’ll try to stay on top of this popular trend!