Erin Marie Garrett

Some people can apparently do it all. Erin Marie Garrett is one of those gals. She happens to be a defensive end for the Dallas Desire Lingerie Football League team. She has worked as a television broadcaster for TWC in Texas. Erin’s voice is sexy enough to land her a spot on radio stations promoting a motocross tour. She’s been in commercials for New Balance, Ironman Fitness, Muscle Milk, and others. She won two Europa NPC trophies, won the Miss Florida Fitness competition in 1999, and Miss Southern Fitness too. She is a dancer, vocalist, choreographer, whew gets me tired just trying to describe her.

Her platinum blonde hair and her green eyes make a great combo with her fair skin and exquisite complexion. Her physique is well rounded and more than just a stage presence given her athletic endeavors on the female football field.

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