2010 Year in Review

Well as we close out 2010, there’s no point in trying to be unique – we’ll do like everybody else and try to take a look back at this past year. And maybe a peek into the future too.

The Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2010:
#1 – FBB Fitness Model Jessica
#2 – Celeste Bonin
#3 – Laura London
#4 – FBB Fitness Model Lynn
#5 – 2010 IFBB New York Pro Fitness Championships
#6 – Asian Fitness Models (this is actually a category rather than a post)
#7 – Dayna Maleton
#8 – Lea Damante
#9 – FBB Fitness Model Tracy
#10 – Fitness Models (another category)

Now posts that have been published awhile have a distinct advantage over posts from Nov or Dec that haven’t had time to accrue quite the same statistics. I just report the facts, ma’am… I don’t make them! We could do a global comparison to see what the most popular post of all time is, but jeez I don’t want to dig that deep.

What have we learned this year? Our visitors still enjoy reading the profiles we post about various fitness models and competitors. We experimented a bit this year to see how receptive people would be to our own content – and we created FBB Fitness Models. This has been extremely popular, so we’re inclined to continue it in 2011. May even expand it.

Women’s fitness has only increased in popularity in the last few years, so with a little luck and the support of our readers, we’ll continue to publish for another 12 months! Happy New Year, and best wishes to you in 2011.