Lisa Cross

Lisa Cross is a female bodybuilder who lives in Great Britain. She is thirty four years old, stands 5’6″ tall, and weighs about 150 lbs when she competes. She started lifting weights almost ten years ago. Granted, ten years is a long time, but considering the amount of muscle she carries, she has made some serious progress. She began competing in 2009. This isn’t a prissy little lady – she claims her favorite exercise is squats, and judging by the quality of her legs, she doesn’t deny herself the fun of them very often.

Lisa used to be a police officer, and an English teacher. She has lived in Russia, Japan, and France. She says bodybuilding really is a lifestyle, and in order to be successful it has to be able to affect everything you eat and drink, how you live, and even how you sleep. Her favorite part about being a bodybuilder is being in the gym and lifting weights. She loves the pump, the variety, everything about it. It’s refreshing to see somebody who loves to train for the sake of training. Many of us may have lost that at some point over the years.

Lisa has more muscle than many of the ladies we cover here on FBB. She routinely weights 180 lbs in the off-season, and trust me that isn’t flab.

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