Carla Sizemore

Carla Sizemore really exemplifies some of the great attitudes and constructive efforts in women’s fitness. Carla is 5’4″ tall and weighs about 114 lbs. Her measurements are 34B-24-33. She grew up in Indiana, but currently lives with her son in Texas.

Carla has been active and striving for fitness as far back as she can remember. She didn’t know much about women’s figure competitions until she was in her 30’s. She has always placed a lot of emphasis on nutrition and attitude.

Carla’s competitions started in 2009. Her track record so far:
2009 NPC Europa – 8th
2010 NPC National Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Championships – 10th
2010 NPC Junior USA Championships – 2nd
2010 NPC Europa Super Show – 1st
2010 NPC Capital of Texas – 1st
2011 NPC National Championships – 4th
2011 NPC San Francisco Championships – 1st

Carla radiates a natural beauty that is rare amongst even the prettiest fitness athletes. She has a genuine and sparkling smile, and a well-developed sense of grace. I’ve never seen a competition photo of Carla that suggested she was in anything but the very best shape of her life. If she has cheat days on her fitness diet, they must be few and far between. It’s not clear if she is a personal trainer, but she admits she is both inspired by people and inspired to help people.

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