Monique Gantt

Monique Gantt is a very exotic fitness model and competitor from New Orleans. Although she grew up in the States, English was her second language. With four brothers and sisters, Monique always had somebody to romp around and play with as a child. Even now she gets along wonderfully with her siblings. She was always very athletic and involved herself in sports and dancing. She began working at a gym in high school. That’s where she was introduced to working out and lifting weights. She fell in love with it then, and has practiced that type of lifestyle ever since.

Monique is 5’6″ tall and weighs about 135 lbs. She is only 22 years old. As you’ll see in these photos, Monique is capable of completely transforming her physique when she competes. It’s not that she looks soft or bad when she’s not contest-ready. In fact she looks great. But the difference between her off-season and on-season look is dramatic. Those abs of hers are just striking when she walks across the stage.

As of late last year, Monique had entered three different NPC competitions and won every single one. That’s a percentage that’s hard to beat. It suggests that it’s not just her look that’s great, it’s also her contest prep, her consistency, her presentation, etc.

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