Catherine Holland Update

We are way behind in giving most of you what you’ve been asking for – a Catherine Holland update. Catherine has been busy. She’s right in the middle of her competitive season. She just finished a couple of shows in the Southeast. One of them was in Sarasota. I think she has a couple more left. I don’t actually have an update on her placings, but as you can see from the photos, she is looking great. Quite possibly better than she ever has. Catherine always manages to bring an element of class as well as feminine sexuality to the audience when she steps on stage.

Catherine’s website also seems to be booming these days. She is really popular with her fans, and with fans of fit babes in general. She has a very approachable, very genuine personality, and that seems to show through when she interacts with her fans. On her website, she has been doing numerous webcam shows, member chat sessions, and also just bouncing back and forth on her member-only forum. That personal attention really seems to resonate with people, so it’s sure to be driving her membership numbers ever-upward.

Hopefully in the next few weeks we can snag an interview with Catherine and post the results here at FitBabesBlog. If we’re really lucky, we’ll catch her at one of her shows and get some exclusive photographs! Stand by.

Catherine Holland 1Catherine Holland 2Catherine Holland 3Catherine Holland 5

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