Lindsay Kaye Revisited

Since we haven’t talked about her since 2010, it is time to revisit Miss Lindsay Kaye. Not only has it been a couple of years, but I get several emails a month where people ask where they can find more info about Lindsay. Also, as if we need any other excuses, she is smoking hot and we like looking at her!

You can find Lindsay’s website here. Lindsay was featured in the 2011 issue of Flex magazine, and she recently signed with Controlled Labs as a spokesmodel. The business side of fitness modeling seems to come easily to Lindsay, maybe because she is so good-looking that opportunities always seem to come her way.

As you can see in these photos, Lindsay’s look varies from fit, to athletic and muscular. She has a very balanced physique, with no single muscle group standing out above the others. Her dark, exotic look really gives a sultry spin to her presentation. She has been in her fair share of bikini contests, so of course she knows how to show off her body in swimwear. But her portfolio of course includes athletic wear, lingerie, and even some casual. We are happy to see Lindsay’s career remains strong both as a fitness model and a spokesperson. For her, the sky seems to be the limit!

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