Kelly Dobbins

Kelly Dobbins is a female bodybuilder who has really had two different careers. She started weightlifting to help her get and stay in shape. Many of the people who worked out at her gym were competitive bodybuilders, which influenced her goals and her results. She started competing in the 80’s and 90’s but sort of dropped out. She went back at it in 1998 and started winning. Kelly also happens to be a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Kelly Dobbins

Trina Gillis

Trina Gillis is a female bodybuilder and fitness model who is 33 years old. She currently lives in the Cayman Islands and loves to scuba dive, kite board, windsurf, etc. She says she was always a big tomboy growing up with her twin sister, and loved all kinds of outdoor activities. She has been leaning more towards fitness or figure competitions lately, but she clearly has a physique with larger, broader muscles. She has spent years in the gym training hard, and the results are clearly seen.

I’ve seen a number of photos of Trina looking muscular but not particularly ripped. But I have also seen some where she has veins showing in her lower abs, more Trina Gillis

Julie Bourassa

Julie Bourassa is a 36 year old French Canadian bodybuilder. She is nothing to sneeze at. She stands 5’5″ and weighs 180 lbs off season when she isn’t competing. She usually competes at 160-165 lbs. She works a “day job” as a teacher of special needs students.

After reading about Julie, I really appreciate who she is and what she does. Even regular readers of this blog have different interests and preferences – some would say Julie is just too muscular. She is definitely carrying some mass and vascularity, and is a true female bodybuilder. But what I’m getting at goes deeper than that. Julie lifted weights and followed the bodybuilding lifestyle for a long time before she competed. Some people get into fitness and bodybuilding to try to make a buck or two, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some seek the fame and the applause. Some, like Julie, appear to do it because they truly love it.

The amount of work and dedication to the sport that’s evident when I see the fruits of her labor (her body) is significant. more Julie Bourassa

Marika Johansson

Marika Johansson is a very muscular blonde bodybuilder. She grew up in Sweden with four brothers, so she really had no choice but to be active and athletic. Because her father and her brothers ended up powerlifting in the gym, it wasn’t too long before Marika ended up there too. This was at the tender age of 18. Cory Everson and Lenda Murray were two of her idols growing up. Now keep in mind, these aren’t fitness ladies, they are female bodybuilders who concentrated on mass.

Marika competed for the first time in 1992 and did a respectable 3rd place. Taking some time off for family health issues, she got back into the gym and into bodybuilding competitions and earned her pro card in the IFBB in 2005. more Marika Johansson

Angela Rayburn

Angela Rayburn is another female bodybuilder who is very muscular. At 5’6 she is about 165 lbs even in great shape, so you can imagine just how strong and dense she is. She is typically one of the thickest of the heavyweights when she competes.

She placed 5th in the 2010 North American Championships, 2nd at the 2010 NPC USA. She has been competing since 2007. more Angela Rayburn

Laurie Noack

Laurie Noack (aka Laurie Noack Gibson) was a popular female bodybuilder in the late 1990’s. She surpassed the figure/fitness level with her physique, so I think of her more as a bodybuilder. I was not able to find a competitive history for Laurie, so if any of the readers can comment as to when/if she competed feel free to give us an update.

Hot and blonde, Laurie really knew how to turn heads. Her calves and arms are very muscular, and mark her as a serious weightlifter any time the clothes come off.

If Laurie is still doing fitness modeling these days (I think she is now 42 or 43 years old) I was not able to find a web presence. more Ms Noack

Jaime Franklin

Jaime Franklin grew up on a farm practicing a very active life. She helped out with chores on the farm, practiced competitive gymnastics, and wrestled her older brother like a fiend. In fact, even as a young girl she was so competitive she broke her arm working her brother over. She went on to drop gymnastics and concentrate on track and field in high school, successfully breaking conference records for the long jump and hurdles.

After injuring herself teaching gymnastics, she started lifting weights. Only four months after she started competing in figure contests, she won her pro card. Jaime gave up competing in 2005 to settle down and become a mom, and she currently works as a computer consultant. Of course she still trains!

Her contest history: more Jaime

Lisa Bickels Part 3

Let’s revisit Lisa Bickels. She keeps coming up because she is a blue-eyed blonde bodybuilder who remains quite popular.
Lisa Bickels 2
Lisa Bickels 1
The last info I saw on Lisa suggested she was studying for a BS in nursing, was working as a licensed sports nutritionist and certified personal trainer, and bartending at a club in Las Vegas Nevada. Try mixing all that in with training, and you have one seriously busy life.

Lisa’s first competition was in 2002, but before that she participated in a wide variety of activites. Softball, volleyball, basketball, and even a sprinter in track and field.
Lisa Bickels Pictures

Shawna Walker

Shawna Walker is a 32 year old heavyweight bodybuilder. She was a volleyball player in college, and started lifting weights when she injured her back during a game. After several years of heavy lifting, she enter the Modesto Central Valley Classic and won her very first bodybuilding contest. Since then, she has competed in many shows. Shawna has been featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine (2008) and Women’s Physique World Magazine. Shawna currently works as a personal trainer in central California.

competes at 145
BS Kinesiology
soccer, volleyball, softball, basketball
click for more Shawna

Kris Murrell

Kris Murrell is not a tiny lady. At 5’7″ tall, she weighs in at 175 lbs. And she is incredibly strong. She bench presses more than 250 lbs, and can leg press 1200 lbs. Kris is 31 years old, and was born in Georgia. She may still be working for Cory Everson‘s Fitness for Women as a the Director of Personal Training. Kris is known for her extreme workouts and her dedication to lifting heavy weights and building no-screwing-around muscle.

Kris Murrell Pic click for Kris’s photos