2011 Olympia

The 2011 Olympia was held the weekend of September 15th through the 18th in Las Vegas Nevada. This was at the Orleans Hotel, and let me tell you everybody from the fitness world was there. Let’s talk results…

2011 Olympia Women’s Bodybuilding
1st Iris Kyle
2nd Yaxeni Origuen-Garcia
3rd Brigita Brezovac
4th Debi Laszewski
5th Alina Popa

2011 Olympia Figure
1st Nicole Wilkins
2nd Erin Stern
3rd Ava Cowan
4th Candice Keene
5th Teresa Anthony

2011 Olympia Fitness
1st Adela Garcia
2nd Tanji Johnson
3rd Myriam Capes
4th Tina Durkin
5th Oksana Grishina
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