Ms Olympia 2012 Winners

We generally don’t cover the women’s bodybuilding scene as closely as we do women’s fitness and fitness modeling. But that doesn’t mean we don’t care, or we aren’t interested. On September 29, the Ms Olympia contest went down, with a few records about to topple. The placings:

1st Iris Kyle
2nd Debi Laszewski
3rd Yaxeni Oriquen
4th Alina Popa
5th Brigita Brezovac
6th Sheila Bleck

Iris has now matched Lenda Murray’s record in winning eight Ms Olympia titles. Word on the street is that if anybody has a chance of knocking Iris off the top of the mountain it’s Debi. She looked better at this contest than I’ve ever seen her. She placed fourth in the 2011 Ms Olympia, so that’s obviously a big improvement. But Iris is incredibly dominant right now. My prediction is she will continue to reign until/unless:
a) she suffers an injury
b) the judging criteria suddenly produces a condition that favors a different kind of physique
c) she decides to retire

Alina and Yaxeni have been flirting with the crown for a couple of years now too. The amount of dedication these ladies demonstrate in consistently placing this high in the sport’s best of the best is out of this world. Bodybuilding, whether it’s men or women, is a lifestyle, and these ladies have been living it day in and day out for years.

Iris KyleDebi LaszewskiYaxeni OriquenAlina Popa