Diana Chaloux Revisited

We profiled Diana Chaloux a few years ago.

2005-2008 competition results:
NPC John Sherman Classic 2005 – First Place Figure D
NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic 2006 – First Place Figure D
Mike Kocsis FAME Northeast Classic 2007 – First Place Fitness Model Open Class
Mike Kocsis FAME Northeast Classic 2007 – Third Place Swimsuit Model
FAME North American Championships 2007 – First Place Pro Fitness Model
FAME World Championships 2008 – First Place Pro Fitness Model
WBFF World Championships 2008 – First Place Overall Figure
WBFF World Championships 2008 – Third Place Overall Diva Fitness Model
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Megan Avalon

Megan Avalon is the blonde barbie of fitness modeling. She is 25 years old, 5’6″ tall, weighs 133 lbs (with a 125 lb contest weight), and her measurements are 36D-24-36. Yes, those are blue eyes. She lives and trains in San Francisco California. She’s also a certified personal trainer.

She tends to show up everywhere, with print work that includes Oxygen Magazine (March 2011, August 2009, Summer 2009), Planet Muscle, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and American Curves. She has bunches of sponsors, so you can find her in advertisements and videos.

She also competes. Her competition history: more Megan Avalon

Michelle Brannan

Michelle Brannan is a British bikini competitor, personal trainer, fitness model, and dance instructor. She specializes in Latin Dance.

Unlike a lot of the ladies we find on Fit Babes Blog, she doesn’t really have a long history of sports and athletics. She admits she never really had any interest in sports as a child. But she took a dance class when she was 18, and she fell in love with it. She progressed in dance to the point where she wanted to become a teacher. The gym where she wished to teach required her to have insurance, and she needed to take a fitness instructing course in order to qualify. She began working out and closely following other fitness models and competitors like Louise Rogers Michelle Brannan

Catherine Holland

Catherine Holland (no relation, at least as far as I know, to Bianca Holland) has been stirring things up a bit lately doing some fresh erotic work for Venus. Catherine is an IFBB Figure Pro. She was born in 1980 in Oregon, but currently lives in California. Her contest weight is around 130 lbs, and that’s at a height of 5’7″. She has both a BS and MS in Exercise and Sport Science (Oregon State University). In addition to the fitness modeling, Catherine is also a personal trainer. more Catherine Holland

Cristiana Casoni

Cristiana Casoni is a 42 year old fitness competitor from Italy. She has been rocking the competitive stage for years – really since the 1990’s. Cristiana is 5’4″ tall and weighs 136 lbs. No point in mincing words, Cristiana is best known for her butt. Yep, we try to be relatively family friendly here, but folks there’s no polite way to deal with a butt that fine other than pointing and gasping and saying dayum.

The video below shows her more Cristiana

Julie Bonnett

Julie Bonnett is a 30 year old WBFF Pro and fitness model. She was Ms Fitness Manitoba 2008. She stands 5’4″ tall and weighs about 125 lbs. Julie has been in pretty much every fitness magazine ever printed including:
Inside Fitness Magazine
Status Fitness Magazine
MuscleMag International
Fit & Firm

The video below more Julie Bonnett

Brooke Mora

Brooke Mora was featured as a fitness model inside Muscle & Fitness Magazine. She lives in California and and is in the film industry as a director. She was a cheerleader and played softball growing up. She continued to be athletic and has even competed in triathlons. Compete is the key word here, Brooke considers herself very competitive, which is one of the reasons she was enticed into the IFBB Pro Bikini competitions. more Brooke Mora

Jessica Paxson-Putnam

A smoking hot blonde bombshell, Jessica Paxson-Putman hails from Centerville Ohio. She stands 5’4″ tall and weighs in about 116 lbs. Jessica runs her own personal training and consulting business, and is a certified personal trainer.

Jessica placed 12 in the 2010 IFBB Olympia, and 2nd in the Jacksonville Pro. She stumbled upon the figure competitor lifestyle when she signed up for a fitness model boot camp in Tennessee. Now that she’s rocking the pages of magazines like Flex and Oxygen, you have to admire her roots and the haphazard beginning. more Jessica Putnam