Ocean Bloom

Yes, her name really is Ocean Bloom. Ocean currently works as a personal trainer in Vancouver British Columbia. She is very versatile and athletic. She teaches yoga, acts, regularly works as a fitness model, and is the managing editor for Status Fitness magazine. She has earned pro titles in fitness, figure, muscle model, and figure model. With 25 years of experience in gymnastics, martial arts, dance, yoga, and weightlifting, you probably don’t want to mess with her! more Ocean Bloom

Macey Boudreau

33 year old Macey Boudreau is an IFBB Figure Pro and a registered massage practitioner. She started out her fitness regiment going to her mom’s aerobics classes and just escalated to some serious weight lifting. Macey never seems to have a problem adding muscle mass and size, but she acknowledges she has trouble dieting. Who likes to eat chicken and broccoli when beer and pizza are around??

She is 5’5″ tall and usually runs around 145 lbs. Here measurements are 37-26-37. She says she doesn’t have the gift of perfect genetics, but she does surely have the gift of being very beautiful. Macey Boudreau

Raechelle Chase

Time to polish that diamond ring up boys. It’s hard to get enough of Raechelle Chase. She may be a married mom of three, but wow look at her. She is a figure competitor and fitness model, but she has more muscle than the average competitor. She is from New Zealand, which means she probably has one of those sexy exotic accents. Mmm, mmm, what a smile, and what biceps! Any woman who earns her pro card can tell you a thing or two about diet, but as someone who has been in the gym for 10 years and who espouses the benefits of clean eating, Raechelle is big on nutrition.

Raechelle is also acting deputy editor of a fitness magazine in New Zealand. I don’t know how she has the time to do it all, but wow she looks gorgeous doing it. Her first competition was when one of her kids was only 10 months old. She turned pro in 2009 and has never looked back. more Raechelle Chase

Jessica Ziegler

Jessica Ziegler is an amateur bodybuilder out of Buffalo New York. She is 5’8″ tall and weighs 150lbs. She started training in earnest after going to college and pretty much “retiring” from anything more active than drinking beer and partying. She hired a personal trainer and started following a very disciplined diet and workout regimen.

Jessica says she hopes to eventually earn her pro card and end up on a few magazine covers. Those arms and those abs may me think she has the stuff to go all the way.
more Jessica Ziegler

Laurie Vaniman

Many of the figure and fitness competitors started out in dance or gymnastics. Laurie Vaniman was one of the dance gals. Once she entered college, she ended up falling in love with weightlifting. On a lark, she entered a competition in 1996 where she placed 2nd, and at that point she was compelled to compete. Her story is an interesting one, because it spans two segments, practically two careers.

She managed to earn her pro card in 1998, and was going like gangbusters until she was devastated by an infection and subsequent medical problems. She came back in the Pittsburgh Pro Fitness competition in 2001 earning 9th place.

Laurie is 37, stands 5’5″ tall, and weighs about 125 lbs. Laurie has that mega-watt model’s smile that makes many other fitness models long for more talent.
more about Laurie

Dina Al-Sabah Part 2

We probably didn’t do Dina Al-Sabah justice when we devoted but a few sentences to her 3 years ago. Dina was born in 1974 in Lebanon and is fluent in four different languages. This is a byproduct of having lived in Italy, Egypt, and Morocco. She played varsity basketball and volleyball in high school, and was also captain of the track and field team. She started dabbling in weightlifting in college, and realized she had a competitive future.

Dina is unique in many ways – including the fact that she is the first Arab IFBB Figure Pro ever. She did well in both figure and fitness, but because there is so little money to be made in those sports, she turned to fitness modeling. Her exotic looks make her very popular, and she manages to balance femininity and muscularity well. Dina video

Lyzabeth Lopez

Lyzabeth Lopez is definitely one of the more popular and recognizable fitness babes out there. She has a finger in every pie. She is a certified personal trainer, aerobics instructor, teaches gymnastics, professional cheerleader, dancer, and fitness model. She is and excellent resource on nutrition and contest prep. She is a brand unto herself! Her youtube videos are pretty popular, and if I can remember I’ll embed one below.

Lyzabeth is 5’5″ tall and 123 lbs. I think she currently lives in Canada. She is Venezuelan and Israeli, so quite an exotic mixture. Lyzabeth is more sexy fully clothed than most girls are naked! Her measurements are 32D-24-37.
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Mascha Tieken

Mascha Tieken in an incredibly beautiful figure competitor who also works as an IFBB judge, coaches numerous fitness athletes, owns a gym, and writes for Oxygen Magazine. All this in addition to doing a bit of fitness modeling. This lady stays busy! Mascha lives in the Netherlands. She stands 5’5″ tall and weighs about 130 lbs.

I really can’t find a single weak point anywhere on Mascha. A competition is much like a Nascar race, the fastest car doesn’t always win. It takes a confluence of things coming together so that the tan, the diet, the presentation, etc all result in a win. So whether she is winning competitions is independent of me saying – this girl has an amazing body.

She is best known for her balance of muscularity and femininity. more Mascha Tieken

Taryn Bagrosky

Picture a lady with movie star looks, a megawatt smile, and a muscular physique. Okay, you’ve got Taryn Bagrosky. Bright blue eyes, 29 years old, currently training in Colorado (via Train with Taryn). She is a fitness competitor, and a heck of a good one considering she is the current Miss Fitness USA. She is 5’6″ tall, lists her occupation as personal trainer, and says she loves skiing. With a BS in Health and Exercise Science from Colorado State University, Taryn’s brain matches her brawn.

Her contest history:
2005 Northern Colorado Bodybuilding 2nd runner up
2005 Ms Fitness Colorado Champion
2008 Ms Fitness USA, 5th place
2008 Ms Fitness World, Top 20
2008 Ms Fitness LoneStar Champion
2009 Ms Fitness Flex Appeal, Champion
2010 Ms Fitness USA, Champion
2010 Ms Fitness World, 6th Place

Taryn Bagrosky Pic click for the rest of the Taryn post

Julie Coram

25 year old Julie Coram (aka Julie Bonnett) is a fitness babe who knows how to kick some booty in competitions. She won 6th place in the 2009 WBFF World Pro Diva Fitness Model competition. She has been competing since 2006. She is 5’4″ tall and weighs 112 lbs. She is from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. Julie went through some kind of steroid flap with FAME, but was apparently exonerated. It’s a shame when professional athletes get dragged through the mud. Note the vascular abs, wow. She has come a long way since she started weight training at 17 years of age.