2020 Arnold Classic Bikini Fitness and Figure Results

The contest was held on March 6, 2020. But it was unusual this year. They cancelled the expo and held the contest without any fans due to concerns about the Corona Virus.

Bikini International Results
1st – Elisa Pecini
2nd – Angelica Teixeira
3rd – Janet Layug
4th – Priscila Leimbacher
5th – Etila Santiago Santos
6th – Jennifer Ronzitti
7th – Beatriz Biscaia
8th – Romina Basualdo
9th – Marcia Goncalves
10th – Camille Periat

Fitness International Results
1st – Missy Truscott
2nd – Ariel Khadr
3rd – Tiffany Chandler
4th – Derina Wilson
5th – Darrian Borello
6th – Marta Aguiar
7th – Sara Kovach
8th – Kate Errington
9th – Katie Mitchell
10th – Jenny Worth

Figure International Results
1st – Natalia Soltero
2nd – Bojana Vasiljevic
3rd – Jessica Reyes Padilla
4th – Ashley Soto
5th – Anna Banks
6th – Lola Montez
7th – Tarryn Garlington
8th – Rhea Gayle
9th – Tiffani Lapoint
10th – Ericka Morales Morgan


2020 IFBB Musclecontest Japan Pro Bikini Results

The 2020 IFBB MuscleContest Japan Pro Bikini event was held on February 11, 2020 in Tokyo Japan.

Here are the results…
1st place: Nittaya Kongthun
2nd place: Beatriz Biscala
3rd place: Ana Paula Baggio
4th place: Svetlana Elina
5th place: Francesca Stoico
6th place: Shanae DiCicco
7th place: Geri Lara Berger
8th place: Bitna Lee
9th place: YingYing Chen

Beatriz Biscala video:

Ana Paula Baggio video:

Francesca Stoico video:

Shanae DiCicco video:

Geri Lara Berger video:

Amanda Barnhart Crossfit Athlete

Amanda Barnhart white shortsAmanada Barnhart has been in Crossfit for a few years now. I see competitive results for her going back to 2014.

Her profiles list her as 5’7″ tall and 151 lbs. She is currently 26 years old. She works as a physical therapist.

She has around 21k followers on her Instagram account these days:

Amanda Barnhart muscular armsShe has what may be the world’s crappiest youtube channel, and I will only link to it reluctantly:

Amanda has been athletic all her life. As a child, she practiced gymnastics. In high school, she swam, played volleyball, and ran track. When she went to college, she swam for a D1 school.

Amanda Barnhart celebratingWhen preparing for a contest, Amanda does quite a bit of volume, which is not unusual for Crossfit athletes who oftentimes compete for the title “fittest on earth”. She loves heavy cleans. Her maxes are listed as:
squat 315 lb
clean and jerk 230 lb
deadlift 390 lb
snatch 195 lb

Amanda Barnhart absI don’t know many guys who can deadlift 400 lbs, much less women. Amanda is definitely strong. At such a young age, she had incredible potential if she can minimize her injuries.

Unfortunately, with Crossfit, it really is “mimimize”. It’s a sport notorious for injuries. It’s less a question of if you’re going to get injured, and more about when. I guess you can say that for any top-level sport and athlete.

sexy Amanda BarnhartLately I’ve heard that Amanda has been training with some of the sport’s greatest, including Brooke Wells, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Katrin Davidsdottir, and Ehea Schuerch. I would think that will pay positive dividends in her performance.

Amanda was married a couple of years ago to Wesley Barnhart. I think they both currently live in the Ohio area.

Amanda Barnhart quads

Heidi Powell

Heidi Powell selfieHeidi Powell recently placed 5th in the bikini division of the 2018 IFBB Dennis James Pro. I think it’s about time we do an in-depth profile of her here on FBB!

The fact that she currently has 439k followers on her Instagram feed speaks to how popular she has become.

I would definitely classify her as a “celebrity trainer”, not in the sense that she trains celebrities, more like she is a trainer who is a celebrity.

Heidi Powell Bio

She was born in Phoenix Arizona in 1980.

She and her husband Chris Powell began hosting the television show Extreme Weight Loss in 2011. That was really her first launch into fame.

In 2015, she published the book Extreme Transformation: Lifelong Weight Loss in 21 Days.
It has sold thousands of copies, and gets 4-star reviews on Amazon.

Heidi Powell absShe has her own clothing and accessory line that she likes to associate with a positive body image. She uses the tagline “Perfectly Imperfect”.

Heidi has four kids, and her marriage to Chris is her second. She is a certified personal trainer, with both ACE and CrossFit certifications. As of 2018, she is 36 years old.

Contest History

It appears as though Heidi began competing in 2015. She may have started before that, but that’s what shows up when I research her history. She has placed as high as 1st and as low as 17th.

2018 IFBB Dennis James Pro 5th Place

2018 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Bikini Division 17th Place

2017 NPC Teen Collegiate and Masters National Championships 1st Place Masters Over 35 Class E (earned her Pro card)

Heidi Powell gym2016 NPC USA Championships 6th place

2016 NPC Universe Championships 16th Clase E Bikini

2016 NPC Pittsburgh Championships 2nd place

2015 NPC Europa Phoenix 8th Place Class C Bikini


Height: 5’5”
Weight: 129 lbs
Measurements: 34C-25-35
Hair: blonde


Heidi has her own youtube channel with 34k subscribers and 131 different videos. A few that caught my eye are pasted below. Continue reading “Heidi Powell”

Frida Paulsen Stern

Frida Paulsen Stern absFrida Paulsen Stern has been tearing up the competitive stage for years.

She is a gorgeous blonde bikini competitor who is quite popular. It’s a pleasure to do a detailed profile of her here on FBB!

Contest History

Yes, this is an incredible 13 contests in less than 3 years. That’s an average of one competition every few months!

3rd Place 2018 IFBB New York Pro
3rd Place 2018 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro
11th Place 2018 IFBB Governors Cup
3rd Place 2018 IFBB Fit World Pro
11th Place 2018 IFBB Arnold Classic Australia
3rd Place 2018 IFBB Hawaii Pro
15th Place 2018 Arnold Sports Festival
16th Place 2017 IFBB Mr Olympia
1st Place 2017 IFBB Vancouver Pro
6th Place 2017 IFBB Greater Gulf States
4th Place 2017 IFBB Fit World Pro
4th Place 2017 IFBB Legends
15th Place 2016 IFBB Coastal USA


Frida Paulsen Stern bikiniNot shown in her contest history above is the fact that Frida’s first bikini competition was back in 2014.

Not unlike many of the fit babes we run across on this website, Frida was always very active and athletic.

At the time of her first contest, she was still playing competitive soccer. This seemed to hinder her results on the stage. So she made the commitment to give bikini and figure competitions 100% of her attention. She set a goal of winning her pro card within a 2-year time period.

She was able to achieve that pro card milestone in 2016, and has never looked back. I’m sure she still thinks of soccer fondly, but still spends all her time on that intense bikini competition schedule.

Frida Paulsen Stern flirtsShe then set a goal of qualifying for the 2017 Olympia. It took her 5 additional shows, but she was finally able to accomplish that.

Now she has set a goal of placing in the top 5 in the Olympia. I wouldn’t count her out. She’s obviously very goal-driven, and so far literally nothing has been able to stand in her way. It will be interesting to see how she finishes in 2018.


I have reached out to Frida asking for an interview. Hopefully I’ll be able to secure something, and if so I’ll post it here for all of you to read.


Frida Paulsen Stern blue eyesHeight: 5’7”
Weight: 125-135 lbs
Age: Born 1994
Hair: blonde
Measurements: unknown
Marital statu: unknown. Given the fact that she competes constantly, I can’t imagine she has time to date, much less be married!


I don’t think Frida has her own youtube channel. But she is tremendously popular, and there are all kinds of videos of her out there. I have pasted a couple of my favorites below. Continue reading “Frida Paulsen Stern”

Fit Instagram Gals Update

If I were smart, I would build the table I’m using to update Instagram girls in html instead of excel, and provide you guys with some clickable links so you can easily check out your favorites. This instead of the gimpy jpg I’m providing below 🙂

Anyway, Jen Selter is still leading the pack with an incredible 11.4M followers as of today. Although she’s in second, Ana Cheri seems to be coming on strong. She has 10.3M followers, up substantially since the last time I looked. That makes me think within another month or two, Ana will pass Jen in popularity.

I can see why. Ana has been posting some racy photos lately. I updated her page with a few examples of what I’m talking about.

But… I need to add a few!

Michelle Lewin = 12.3M followers
Svetlana Bilyalova = 5.4M followers
Paige Hathaway = 1.4M followers
Alice Matos = 1.6M followers
Tana Cogan = 1.5M followers
Jen Heward = 810k followers
Dani Reardon = 135k followers
Jenna Renee Webb = 106k followers

Marina Brass Interview

Marina Brass Red bikiniI published an article about Marina Brass back in 2009. A few days ago, I updated with some recent info about her. At that time, I asked Marina for an interview, and she happily responded yes.

With no further adieu, our Marina Brass interview:

Tell us a little about yourself. Where did you grow up? Have you always been athletic? What got you started in weightlifting?

I’m from Spain . I grew up in Spain, but at the age of 22 I began to travel the world by myself.

From the time I was a little girl, I always participated in different sports, but I did not begin to train in the gym until I was 21 years old.

I began lifting weights because I was working out in a gym like hip-hop teacher because I was dancer. But then one day, a bodybuilders asked me … do you compete in Fitness? And my face was like whatttt?

I had never lifted weights in my life. I had never trained in gym that way. He was surprised about my shape. So then he began to train me and I began following a diet and with only 6 months of training, I went to my first competition and I won!!! First place !!! Wow !!

So then I began to compete like this. My body changed so fast when I changed my diet because before I began to train, my diet was pizzas, burgers and chocolate!!! I had never had healthy!!! Crazy!!! So from 21 years old on, I changed the way I ate and now 10 years later, I’m still eating healthy.


age 31
height 1.57 m
weight 59 kg
measurements 100- 69 – 95 ( cm )

Tell us about your tattoos…

When I was 22 years old I went to LA , CA, and when I arrived I had only 1 small tattoo. But then …. since I was living in Los Angeles, I began to tattoo my body. All of my tattoos are for a reason. I have a tattoo on my neck, LOS ANGELES, because LA changed my life and the way I live my life. And then also I traveled to Thailand and I tattooed there, and China … I used to travel alone, so I tattooed in different places all around the world .

How many days a week do you train? What kind of exercises do you do? Cardio program?

I use to train 5 to 6 days a week. Now I train with little weight, but I always train my booty with weights because I love this. I try do cardio in the morning before I take my son to the school.

What’s your diet like? Are you strict or easy? Macros and calories? Favorite meals or cheat meals?

If I’m honest, I always try to eat correctly, but I do not do crazy hard dieting like when I was in competition. My favorite meal ….I think carrot cake, or whatever cake, I love all cakes hahaha!

Favorite supplements?

My cappuccino protein, mmmm I love it.

Do you have any goals you want to tell us about?

Now my goal is to get in my best shape from the last 5 years. So…. are you ready? Hahaha

Where do you get your drive? What motivates you?

My motivation in my life is my son. But for training, I do not need motivation from anything because I love to train, it is my moment in each day.

Favorite movies? Songs?

Pretty woman. Hahaha. I know is old movie but I cry every time I watch this. It doesn’t matter how many times I watch it, I always cry. And in the end, I am always so excited and singing…. pretty woman lalala ….hahaha. Music: I love LIL WAYNE!

Most and least favorite bodyparts to train?

I do not like training triceps and I love training legs and my big booty, hahaha

Married, single, pets, hobbies?

I’m a single mum, divorced and I have boyfriend. I have few cats, I love animals – I think they are better that the persons.

How are your injuries lately?

I never had injuries in my life. Ok my back have millions nudes hahaha but nothing important.

What’s the hardest part about fitness modeling?

The jealous people around, but I always run away from negative people.

What is the most enjoyable part about fitness modeling?

I love my job , I love this industry.

Are there other female fitness models or competitors that you admire?

I admire every girl that goes on the stage , I admire and I respect them.

How about males?

I respect a lot my boyfriend so I do not have eyes for other men.

Of all the places you have traveled, where was your favorite?

I think Republica Dominic, I feel so relaxed there. I love hearing my favorite music, Romeo Santos , and tanning and relaxing.

Do you typically diet for a photo shoot, or tend to stay fairly lean all the time?

Yes !! Always when I have photoshoots, I do a harder diet for 1 week. And also this day I take off the water in my body.

Marina’s native language is not English, so if there were any inaccuracies or grammatical errors I should certainly take the blame for those, rather than her.

It definitely sounds like Marina loves her job. And apparently she does tons of traveling, all over the globe, as a part of being a fitness model. She promises us that she is going to get in the best shape she has been in for five years, so I’m sure all of us will enjoy seeing what she looks like then. If she looks this great now, wait until she tries even harder!

Marina Brass toplessMarina Brass fitnessMarina Brass thongMarina Brass workoutMarina Brass curlsMarina Brass fitness model

A video of Marina at a photoshoot:

Jen Selter

Jen Selter beach buttLike a handful of the other Instagram sensations I’ve covered here in the last month or two, Jen Selter is a social media phenom.

She currently has 10.4 million followers on her IG account:

She is only 23 years old, so imagine what she can do with her body, her popularity, and her career given another 5 or 10 years. I found an article in the NYPost from 2014 (Ref) that said she had 1.3 million followers. So between 2014 and 2017, she gained 9.1M fans, or about 3M per year, or more than 8k people per day.

Jen was born in New York, and grew up with a sister named Stephanie. Both her sister and her mom make frequent appearances in her IG photos. They certainly seem to make fitness a family affair.

She has been in demand as a fitness model over the years. She has been featured in several magazines, including Muscle & Fitness, FHM, and Maxim.

Jen is very pretty, and has great abs. But what seems to have really blown up her popularity is her butt. Wow does this slim, fit girl have a backside! There’s this hashtag called “seltering” where folks go around popping their butts out and snapping photos. Unfortunately, it’s usually not as good as the original.

Jenn and Steph SelterAnd she’s no dummy, she features those glutes quite frequently in her photos. Many of our FitBabesBlog fans, both male and female, love looking at photos so I have of course included a few here 🙂

Jen is about 5’6″ tall and weighs around 119 lbs. She makes plenty of money as a spokesperson for several companies, runs her own fitness company, and claims to own quite possibly the world’s largest collection of yoga pants.

She is known for climbing around like a spider-monkey, spanning hallways or handrails and wiggling back and forth without touching the ground. She’s certainly entitled to wear athletic wear and yoga pants when she’s doing something like that…

Jenn Selter and her momJen Selter's absJen Selter wearing a thong

Kayli Ann Phillips

Kayli Ann Phillips sports braKayli Ann Phillips is famous cross-fit gal.

She is less popular than some of the others I have been profiling, which is really difficult to understand. She is insanely gorgeous, and has an amazing body.

Kayli is twenty-seven years old and she lives in Northern California (San Francisco to be exact). She is 5’9″ tall, and weighs around 135 lbs.

Kayli “only” has 276k followers (currently) on her Instagram account:
I’m sure that will change and escalate quickly.

Kayli tends to set her camera down and then do her workouts in full view. She typically does this while wearing a tight sports bra and tiny booty shorts. As you can expect, this gets a lot of attention!

This girl really hustles. She works out several times a week, and always seems to video it. It takes awhile to edit and post video clips, and she seems dedicated enough to keep doing it. It will be interesting to see where her career goes, and how her fanbase grows as well.

Kayli Ann Phillips fitness modelShe claims that she had no athletic background before getting into crossfit. That’s hard to believe considering her body.

Believe it or not, a Kayli Ann Phillips bio or interview is very difficult to find. We will see what we can scrounge up!

One of her favorite workouts is the Murph, which she says goes like this:
Run 1 mile
Do 100 pullups
200 pushups
300 bodyweight squats
Run 1 mile
So she times how long it takes to do this entire set of exercises, and compares that to other crossfitters. That is a really intense workout. I don’t know anybody (male or female) who can do 200 pushups. And to do 100 pullups would take most people at least 10 or 15 sets, with a few minutes inbetween each set. I think this certainly qualifies her to be a true FitBabe 🙂

Kayli Ann Phillips flexesKayli Ann Phillips absKayli Ann Phillips hot pink shortsKayli Ann Phillips arm strengthKayli Ann Phillips candidKayli Ann Phillips cleavage