Lindsay Messina

Lindsay Messina has been on the cover of Oxygen Magazine I think five times now. In 2012, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007. You might think something bad happened in 2011, but don’t worry she was actually a spokesmodel that year for Oxygen at the Arnold Classic.

Lindsay stays pretty busy in the industry. Here’s a list of her whereabouts in 2011:
– WBFF Judge
– Promoter for TEAM ROCKSTAR
– NY DIVA Workshops
– Dream Tan Spokes Model at The Arnold Classic
– Oxygen Spokes Model at The Arnold Classic
– Featured in REPS! Magazine
– Max fit Girl
– Cover of Fit & Firm Magazine
– Cover in Status Magazine
And then there was 2010:
– Featured Model for the AB Roller Ad
– WBFF Fit&Firm Magazine Cover Model
– Oxygen Magazine Cover
– Knock out Abs Ad
– Model Seminar at the Fitness Universe
– Model Seminar at the Fitness America
– Hosted Fitness Universe

There are seasoned, well-connected, mainstream models who don’t get this much work or stay this busy. How does she do it? Of course part of it is the way she looks. She is beautiful and has a perfect body. But don’t discount the attitude and the brainpower. This gal knows how to network, how to help other people and encourage them to help her. more Lindsay Messina

Lindsay Kaye Revisited

Since we haven’t talked about her since 2010, it is time to revisit Miss Lindsay Kaye. Not only has it been a couple of years, but I get several emails a month where people ask where they can find more info about Lindsay. Also, as if we need any other excuses, she is smoking hot and we like looking at her!

You can find Lindsay’s website here. Lindsay was featured in the 2011 issue of Flex magazine, and she recently signed with Controlled Labs as a spokesmodel. The business side of fitness modeling seems to come easily to Lindsay, maybe because she is so good-looking that opportunities always seem to come her way.

As you can see in these photos, Lindsay’s look varies from fit, to athletic and muscular. She has a very balanced physique, with no single muscle group standing out above the others. Her dark, exotic look really gives a sultry spin to her presentation. more Lindsay Kaye

Natalie Waples

Natalie Waples, who placed 5th in the Figure portion of the 2012 Toronto Supershow, grew up in Ontario Canada before moving to Ottawa to pursue a degree in Commerce. It’s interesting that Natalie was always active and involved in sports, but also showed particular interest in beauty and modeling pageants. Both activities tended to lend her experience and build expertise for a career in fitness modeling and figure competitions.

Natalie started competing in fitness/figure in 2006, and earned her pro card in 2008. As you can see from the list below, she has entered many contests. In the last few years, it seems like her results have become more consistent. She says she believes in a very natural expression of fitness and beauty. She does the best she can when she competes, but she always tries to be healthy and positive, and act as a role model for other women in the sport or trainees she coaches.

2012 IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro-Am Extravaganza 2nd
2012 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow 5th
2012 IFBB California Pro Figure 9th
2012 IFBB Europa Show of Champions Orlando 7th
2011 IFBB Border States Pro Figure 4th
2011 IFBB Houston Pro 16th
2011 IFBB Olympia 16th
2011 IFBB Tournament of Champions Pro Figure NP
2011 IFBB Toronto Pro Super Show 13 th
2011 IFBB California Pro Figure 3rd
2011 IFBB Optimum Classic Pro Figure & Bikini 13th
2010 IFBB Kentucky Muscle Pro Figure 16th
2010 IFBB Border States Pro Figure 7th
2010 IFBB Europa Super Show 9th
2010 IFBB Europa Battle of Champions 9th
2010 IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships 8th
2009 IFBB Sacramento 15th
2009 IFBB Ft. Lauderdale Pro Fitness & Figure 14th
2009 IFBB California State Pro Figure Championships 20th
2009 IFBB Europa Show of Champions 12th
2008 IFBB North American Bodybuilding and Figure Championships 1st
2008 IFBB Arnold Classic Bodybuilding, Fitness And Figure Contest 1st
2007 IFBB North American Championships 4th

Natalie Waples PicNatalie Waples PicNatalie Waples PicNatalie Waples PicNatalie Waples PicNatalie Waples Pic

Swann Cardot

In addition to an unforgettable name, Swann Cardot is known for an amazing body. She started out as a dancer in Paris, then moved to Belgium. She trained in jazz, latin, contemporary, and ballet. You should go ahead and stipulate that she knows more about dancing than 99% of the rest of the general population.

Over the course of studying dance for several years, and doing her best to keep her body fit and healthy, Swann was drawn into women’s bodybuilding and fitness. She is now a figure competitor, and a personal trainer. And of course, once a dancer always a dancer.

Swann took 1st place in the 2011 NPC Bev Fancis Atlantic States. She followed that up with a 1st place finish in thte 2011 NPC Europa Battle of Champions. Not to be outdone, she then won first in the 2011 NPC East Coast. Then 1st in the 2011 NPC Eastern USA. Finally she “faltered” if you want to call it that, by placing 3rd in the 2012 Arnold Amateur. more Swann Cardot

Nicole Moneer Guerrero

Nicole Moneer Guerrero is no flash in the pan. She’s been out there pumping up the fitness model industry for years. She is 39 years old now, and looks as good as many of the 20-somethings she is competing with for magazine covers. She has been on the front of Musclemag, Oxygen, Flex, Fitness RX, etc. She focused mainly on the modeling gigs for awhile, and didn’t actually earn her IFBB Pro card until 2010.

She is a certified trainer, and also holds a Bachelor’s in Fashion Merchandising from Iowa State University. Nicole lives in the Chicago area, and was on the cheerleading squad of the Chicago Bulls back in the 1993-1994 timeframe when they were the hottest ticket around. It’s not unusual for her to be seen or heard on Chicago-area television or radio shows. more Nicole Moneer Guerrero

Nadine Baker

Nadine Baker is a 37 year old fitness model hailing from upstate New York. She currently lives in the Indianapolis area. She is 5’3″ tall, weighs just under 120 lbs, and her measurements are 32D-22-34. Nadine is educated – she earned a BS in biology.

I think she competed in figure competitions in the 2005-2008 timeframe. She placed 16th in the 2005 NPC Jr. Nationals. She also took 1st place in 2008 in the Northern Kentucky, 12th place in the 2006 Arnold Classic.

Nadine has one of those physiques that transcends the fitness modeling and competition world. She can be the “average jane”, not looking overly muscular or particularly athletic more Nadine Baker

Prudence Moe

With a name like Prudence Moe, we don’t have to worry about forgetting her. But just in case, there’s that amazing body and angelic face! Prudence is petite. She is 4’11” tall and weighs about 110 lbs. She lives in Las Vegas Nevada, but she was born in Burma and moved to the United States when she was a little child. She is 28 years old.

She competed once upon a time in Figure, but I haven’t seen her post any results in many years. She took 12th place in the 2008 NPC USA Bodybuilding and Figure Championship. And she placed 4th that same year in the Junior Nationals.

One of the things she has definitely done right in her career, Prudence has managed to get hooked up numerous times with professional photographers. more Prudence Moe

Can’t Go Wrong With Jennifer Nicole Lee

First of all, we apologize for the extended absence. We were having server problems, which took awhile to resolve. Once that was fixed, turns out we managed to break the website. Well, not exactly break it, but many of the photo links are broken in hundreds of posts. That’s a real bummer for an audience who *really* comes here for the articles (ahem), but who enjoy looking at the pics too. Over the next little while, we’ll try to get those links fixed, and get everything back up and running full tilt.

Until then, we figure we can’t go wrong by wooing our readers with a little bit of Jennifer Nicole Lee. more Jennifer Nicole Lee

Joelle Smith

Joelle Smith (aka Joelle Tyler) is a stunning IFBB Women’s Physique Pro. We have an Amazing Abs category that honestly just doesn’t do this gal justice. Maybe we need to create a “phenomenal abs” category, or maybe A++ doesn’t get any better abs category, etc.

Finding biographical information on Joelle is a tough challenge. She currently lives in Mississippi. She has blonde hair and Hollywood blue eyes. She is 5’8″ tall and a muscular 140 lbs when she isn’t competing. Speaking of competing, I wasn’t able to find any recent history for her. Most of the stuff I see is several years old. Joelle’s measurements are 37D-26-36. To say that she is curvy is akin to saying rock-climbing can be strenuous. more Joelle Smith

Carla Jones

Carla Jones got a late start into the world of fitness competitions. Although she was a group exercise instructor for fifteen years, it wasn’t until about six years ago she started competing as a bodybuilder, then moved into fitness competitions. She was competing in a bikini contest in Florida when she was approached by a couple of photographers. It wasn’t long before she was on the cover of Fitness and Physique Magazine, and it was time to start seriously training!

Carla is 36 years old. She is 5’3″ tall, and weighs about 125 lbs. She says the easiest way to break into fitness modeling is just to compete. The competitions are usually jammed with photographers and other people from the industry not only trying to sell their brand and their product, but also find spokeswomen for their companies. more Carla Jones